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Nwenna Kai

Eco-Food, Lifestyle, & Health Expert & Author of The Goddess of Raw Foods

LiveWell Coaching with Nwenna Kai

The Live Well Coaching Program is a 12 session program that assists women in transforming their way of being in order to naturally desire to live healthier holistic lifestyles.  Nwenna Kai losing the weight forever using a metaphysical and practical approach towards weight release.  We get to the root of the problem of the weight gain in order to release the weight forever.  Weight is an illness of something larger than food and lifestyle.  It is emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical. We look at all of these areas in order to shed the pounds quickly and easily.  The coaching program must be completed with 12 sessions.  In the 12 sessions, there are homework assignments, weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions, journal work, and more to complete.  Payment plans are available.

Benefits of Live Well Coaching:

  • Release weight forever and lose it easily and naturally
  • Learn to eat to Live, not Live to Eat
  • Make balance in your Life a priority
  • Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Create a new view of your health and your life
  • Learn to exercise for pleasure and not to lose weight

Coaching is done via phone and/or Skype.  Clients get a recorded copy of each coaching session.  There are 12 coaching sessions to complete the program.

How does it produce results?

Through coaching, homework assignments, and exercises, we get to the root of the health issue.  We explore when the issue began, the story behind it, the language the keeps it alive, and the payoff and we release that in order to live a healthier lifestyle. We learn how our relationship to food, diet, and health is like having a relationship in anything else in our lives like money, people, or a career and how we can transform our  way of being around health in order to have the results that we really desire.

Coaching Opportunities

There are many coaching opportunities available.  I offer personal one-on-one coaching and group coaching opportunities.  There are also income opportunities available for those who desire to become a coach and who want to make an additional income.

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