Nwenna Kai offers these yummy, delicious, enticing services for individuals, families, communities, organizations, and corporations who want to eat healthier and live healthier in all areas of life.

Health & Wellness Personality

Nwenna Kai is passionate about health and wellness and loves to teach what she is passionate about on television.   Hire her for your next TV segment about healthy eating and healthy living.  Just take a look at a clip of her own TV show Live Well with Nwenna Kai and see for yourself how radiant and vibrant Nwenna Kai makes eating healthy and looking healthy the world’s next best trend!  Take a look at


Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching & Consultations

Holistic Health Coaching with Nwenna Kai is a transformational results-oriented coaching program from a metaphysical approach about your diet, your health, and your life.  One-on-one coaching is available via phone or Skype and is done in 60-minute increments.  The benefits of coaching varies with each individual and depends on your level of commitment.  Twelve (12) coaching sessions are highly recommended depending on what YOU the client desires to receive from coaching.  This coaching is about transforming your way of being and how your new way of being will create transformative results in your health, your relationships, and your life.

Before a client enrolls in the twelve coaching session, Nwenna offers a 30-minute complimentary consultation in order to fully assess what results the client is desiring to create.

There are two coaching programs available depending on the clients’ time, budget, and level of commitment.  Both are highly effective but Nwenna Kai realizes that her clients are at various stages of their lives and she is committed to people having breakthroughs in their diets, their health, and their lives and so she has made available two types of coaching.

Raw & Live Foods Workshops/Seminars

Enjoy an intimate and tantalizing 3-hour workshop and seminar on preparing raw foods.  Learn how to create breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts for you and your family.  Private workshops/seminars in the home are available as well as large group workshops/seminars at the workplace.

Creating Food

Creating Food

Health Freelance Writer

Nwenna Kai is a holistic health writer and blogger, author of her own book, The Goddess of Raw Foods, and a contributing writer to Purely Delicious Magazine.  She has also written articles for Heart & Soul Magazine.

Food Photo Stylist

Not being able to afford her own food photo stylist, Nwenna Kai became her own as she styled the food photos in her book, The Goddess of Raw Foods.  She has also lent her photo food styling to other food gurus and would love to make your next book or project a money-making success as she knows the power of color, close-ups, food, tastes, texture, and lighting.

Raw Tomato Basil Soup

Raw Tomato Basil Soup

Holistic Health Product Marketing

Whether you have a new blender hitting the markets, or the world’s next best organic energy bar, have Nwenna Kai exude her bundle of vibrancy and sexiness at your next trade show or for your infomercial to market your product with her organic, raw, natural, and vibrant personality in order to up your bottom line.

Vegan/Vegetarian/Live Foods Restaurant Development Consultation

As a former restauranteur of her own organic raw vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, Nwenna Kai can take the new eco-restauranteur from the business plan to opening day of your own vegan, vegetarian, and/or live foods restaurants.

A Restaurant Development Consultation can include any or all of the following depending on the client’s needs

  • Menu & recipe development
  • Employee training
  • Restaurant & Kitchen design
  • Restaurant Marketing & Promotions
  • Wholesale consulting
  • Restaurant Systems Management

*Consultation fees vary according to each client.